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Full Version single license key will work on single and specific machine only. Here from Specific machine we mean, the machine on which you have installed trial version of our softoware and generated a 20 character long code , by clicking on "get full version" button available on software.
After making the payment, Send us the deposit slip or online transfer details. You can send scan copy or photo of deposit slip. In case no email facility please inform before and after making the payment. Please e-mail your details i.e. Name, Address, City, Country. Please also e-mail the file named "FileToEmail.txt" or Message 20 character long code generated by JR Typing Tutor trail version.
Key for making Full version will be delivered within 1 working hours

If you have any problems ordering, please let us know at JRInfoTechServices@gmail.com
OR contact us on +91 9667087657
* By life time we mean, 10 years or till the end of product life or till the support of technology / OS for which product is developed.
End Of Product Life : When software is no longer sold or supported, the product is said to have reached end-of-life, to be discontinued, retired, or obsolete.

We can change our Terms and conditions any time without any prior notice.
Copyright © 2011 JR Infotech Services(R) . All Rights Reserved.
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